A Little Reminiscing and a Lot of Hope
(original post October 23, 2013)
This is the first post on Dr. Jenn’s blog that is not being written by Dr. Jenn….well not exactly. I “met” Dr. Jenn about two and a half years ago on a benzo withdrawal forum that is now gone. I had managed to survive some rather severe tolerance withdrawal from Klonopin and also seven months of freedom from the Klonopin (although I was very ill and felt hopelessly and helplessly imprisoned by the withdrawal from it). She was trying desperately to get off that last half mg or so of Klonopin, and she was suffering. 
Even so, she began this blog about that same time. Her first several posts were very encouraging and came from a heart and spirit that had an obvious abundance of spunk. I was impressed with her raw grit. I could not understand how someone suffering so much could write so positively. Here I was whining and struggling to get through one more hour. Her energy and demeanor made me feel like a wimp.
As time went on, she did finally get off that last bit of Klonopin with what was basically a cold turkey with phenobarbital. And her journey has brought her to where she is now. I don’t write this to give you her history (which she has chronicled much better than I ever could) but rather to help you understand why I have always viewed her as my very first mentor.
As I struggled in those days, I would read success stories and positive posts from anywhere I could find them. I printed out several of her earlier posts and read them every day at 3:00 p.m. as I drank my tea and ate my toast (one of my daily rituals). Her posts and all the rest helped me make it through each day. It is because of Dr. Jenn and other kind and generous individuals that I am even alive. In many ways, I owe my life to her and the others. It is only very recently that she was even aware of what I am saying here.
Dr. Jenn is about ten months behind me in “time off” Klonopin. We have spoken often on the phone and sent many emails back and forth. It is now my time to encourage her and “be there” even if there are 2500 miles or so between us. She had done the same for me many months ago without knowing it. She would do it now if our circumstances were reversed.
To be sure, Dr. Jenn still has that spunk and will arrive at the “happy, joyous and free” shore where I and many others now stand. And I can say that about all who are taking this journey with her. In the meantime, I and many others will be standing here with our hands out ready to grab ahold of your hand  and help you the rest of the way.
So, although Dr. Jenn is not physically typing these words, it is her heart and spirit that are creating them for you to read.