The Hangout
Welcome! For some time, I have wanted to create a place where I can invite others in to spend some time with me – others who may possibly be able to benefit from my experience primarily with benzodiazepines and also with alcohol and other psychotropic drugs.  
This is that place. I am the designer and builder of this site. Well, no, actually SiteBuilder is the builder. I am more like the painter. I also take care of the site mostly by stocking it with anything that can provide hope and encouragement for those who have been or are being adversely affected by psychotropic chemical agents. In other words, for those who are profoundly suffering indescribable anguish – both physical and mental. That makes me the caretaker about whom you have read, if you have been to the home page.
I do have a name – Don. In many respects, I am also one of your caregivers – obviously in more of a virtual way than in a literal, hands-on sense. I will make every effort to help you feel as though you are sitting here with me. You would certainly be welcome to do so literally, if it were possible. Perhaps, one day I will have the pleasure of being in your presence and sharing thoughts, stories, a cup of coffee, or whatever else we might fancy.  
One day I do hope to also add a room for those who are hands-on caregivers. I have communicated with many caregivers. They have an extremely demanding job that necessarily takes a very real and serious toll on them – both mentally and physically. They are also deserving of a haven to which they can retreat – one in which they are understood and hopefully ministered to. The Hangout will one day include The Caregiver’s Lounge.
It is also my desire to add one other room in the near future – one which addresses the most important aspect of my own personal journey through the misery of my experience with benzodiazepines and alcohol. That is the spiritual part of my journey – which, now being able to look back with clarity and a calm mind, I can see and know was at the core of my experience. This room will be named The Voice Within.   
For now, there are four rooms, as you have probably already read on the home page: The Library, The Story Room, The Study and The Video Room.
The Library
The Library is the room for you to come to and read stories of hope and encouragement that were written earlier in my recovery experience. These stories were originally posted on the website of another caregiver (Dr. Jenn) from October 2013 to March 2015. These stories are no longer available in that place.
There are thirty-five stories in The Library, and they have been posted one by one primarily in the order in which they were originally posted. (The date of the original post of each story is provided.) 
The Story Room
The Story Room is a more current version of The Library. The stories are more recent. Initially, the stories on its shelves will be fewer, having previously been written and posted elsewhere. As time passes, there will likely be many more stories written and placed on the shelves of this room.
The Study
The Study differs markedly from The Library and The Story Room in its purpose and content. Initially, it was to serve as a place of contemplation, pondering and musing –  a place for you to sit with the caretaker while he “thought out loud” and gave his thoughts on questions or concerns you may have mentioned to him regarding stories you read from the two reading rooms or questions/concerns about your own experience. With the addition of The Video Room (where these questions and concerns are addressed and discussed verbally), The Study Room is not being used as initially intended and may be converted to another room in the future.    
The Video Room 
The Video Room is where you can go to watch and hear videos that the caretaker and others have recorded. These videos will be about the caretaker's and others' experiences as well as things they have learned from those experiences. The topics will hopefully primarily address concerns and questions visitors email to him in the Contact Us section.

At the end of April 2017, some visitors to the website asked questions about whether or not existing 12-step programs are beneficial in withdrawal from psychotropic drugs. Although the goals and challenges of withdrawal from psychotropic drugs are quite different from those of programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, a "fellowship" of sorts might be helpful to those journeying through withdrawal from psychotropic drugs. In response to that line of thinking, the "Withdrawal Warriors Worldwide" fellowship has been created. A draft document stating the purpose of the fellowship (as well as listing pillars and truths about the withdrawal process and promises as one reaches wellness) has been developed. That document can be accessed here (as a pdf file): Withdrawal Warriors Worldwide: A Fellowship . It is a "living document" meaning that it will be modified as time goes on to better meet the needs of those in the process of withdrawing from psychotropic drugs.         
The Voice Within
The Voice Within addresses the spiritual part of the caretaker's journey primarily through his withdrawal from benzodiazepines and other experiences related to his withdrawal. Through time, others will likely discuss their own spiritual experiences during their withdrawal in this room. This will probably be done primarily with videos (much like the videos in The Video Room) but may also include written text.
The Caregiver's Lounge
The Caregiver's Lounge is a room for those who have the hands-on task of helping those who are in withdrawal from benzodiazepines (or really any type of psychotropic drug). It is hoped that, over time, caregivers can come here and receive validation in a variety of ways and know that they are not alone in their work of providing support and hope for their loved ones who are suffering.