Twas the Eve of The Promise
A Story in Rhyme
Twas the eve of The Promise, when throughout the dwelling,
I was anxiously pacing, and in great pain yelling.
The harsh burning and aching were more than I could bear.
If I fell over dead, I’m sure no one would care.
Despite all the noise, the children were fast asleep.
On my knees in the hallway, I began to weep.
My weary wife went to bed seven hours ago,
But sleep for me always ended in dread and woe.
From outside came a noise that made me shiver with fear.
I rose from the floor thinking my finale was near.
To the window I floated in derealized haze,
Parted the curtains and prayed for the end of my days.
At first glance nothing outside seemed threat’ning or scary.
Still, my ill brain would not keep me from being wary.
  When what to my sleep-robbed eyes appeared to my seeing,
But nine resplendent eagles and one shimm’ring Being.
A psychotic breakdown? Or was this wondrous sight true?
Something inside me pushed to find a hint or a clue.
The great birds glided gently like slow photons of light.
The glowing One softly whispered their names while in flight.
“Gentleness, Kindness, Goodness, and Contentment, proceed.
    Onward Joy, Peace, Faith and Hope. Love, you stay in the lead.
Fly far above the house over obstacles and trees.”
In a trice they were gone like thistle down in the breeze.  
What had just happened? Was it real or an illusion?
If I could go outside, would it end my confusion?
Shaking with fear, I unlocked the front door and went out.
One glimpse to the sky removed ev’ry bit of my doubt.
All nine eagles were hovering right over head.
They were guarding the house. I had nothing to dread.
The gently glowing Being was nowhere to be seen.
I stood dazed and bewildered wond’ring what it could mean.
As I turned in relief to retreat into my place,
My sight fixed on a most beautiful, radiant face.
It softly glowed and gave not a sign of its gender.
I was mesmerized by eyes eternally tender.
A lustrous robe of a hue I could only adore,
Flowed gracefully from this One’s shoulders down to the floor.
On the right sleeve the word “Raphael” was etched in white.
Could it be that this was my healing angel of light?
This One gazed into my eyes as though feeling my pain.
As I stared back, I saw tears falling like gentle rain.   
The compassion and love from that face made my heart melt.
My fears were replaced by a hope I had never felt.
Then, with a silent voice, this One spoke into my heart,
And said, “Be sure to nurture this gift after we part.
 And in your own right time The Promise you will receive.
Seek out what you need to make sure you always believe.”
I stood and slowly pondered all that I had been told.
I would not let this priceless gift of hope grow cold.
 I turned back to give an affirming nod to this One,
But, I soon realized my beloved visitor was gone. 
There was no need to see if the great birds were still there.
I had to start planning how this gift of hope I could share.
But I heard a whisper as my guest left in the night,
“Happy healing to you. Keep your hope in the light.”